1948 25 Aug 8.16pm Born Chua Gek Sim to Johnny and Alice Chua
1967 Represent Singapore in 2nd World Netball Tournament, Perth Australia
1965(?) Europe tour with mother on QE2
1972 Graduated with Honors (First Class) Bachelor of Science NUS
1973 Oct Graduated Masters (BioChem Eng) with Distinction Univ College, London
1974 First job Spore Petroleum (business analyst)
1976 Landed Canadian immigrant at Univ of Toronto
1979 PhD (Chem Eng) Univ of Toronto
1980 Forest Product Laboratory (Madison WI) post-doc
1981 Jan 31 Married me
1982 The Great N American tour on wheels
1981-84 Chemistry then Chem Eng faculty NUS
1985 Founded BTC becoming BTI in 1990
1986 JSPS Visiting lecturer Nagoya Univ
1987 Thailand NE project
1995 Climbed Himalayan foothills (Namche B)
1997 African Safari
1998 Machu Picchu, Peru
1999 Tracked Routeburn New Zealand 5 days
1999 Oct Public Administration (Silver) Medal
2005 Silk road tour 23 sep
2001 Tracked Cradle Mtn Tasmania
2006 Inducted into American National Academy of Engineering
2008 Nepal Mission (2nd)
2009 Awarded Inaugural Presidential Medal of Technology Singapore
2010 National Day Award (Long Service)
2011 Guilin (and golf) China, Mornington (golf) Australia
2011 Sept 1 6pm Brain haemorrhage 
2015 Oct 14 End of life 8.45 am

(See Tributes page for more details)

Angioplasty showing bursting pocket

 Left: Admitted CT scan showing haemorrhage on left temporal lobe of about 5.7cm span (3.5 hours after attack). The right image shows the cleared ventricle and residual blood of about 2.5cm span after operation on 2 Sept, 1.30-5am. Note the removed skull flap as well as the pressure relief opening. Another view (below) after removing major clot, now lighter size is about 4.5cm span
Angio-gram (above) showing aneurysm yet unclipped (pre-op) and titanium clips (below)
Another view of the clipped aneurysm
Second aneurysm coiled and both coiled and clipped (below)
 Coiled (ball) and clips
Terror at 12.30 am Friday September 2 2011
Colonoscoped pictures 22 Sept (no tumor but impacted black material)
The scope reaches up to the splenic flexure as indicated
by the gloved finger, showing no tumor

What is the normal? (Circle of Willis above without aneurysms)

The horror that was Thursday 
SEQUENCE OF MEDICAL RESPONSE EVENTS on Sept 1-2 2011 (times are approximate):
6 pm Headache attack, transfer, doctor, ambulance
7.15 pm Arrival A&E Tan Tock Seng, stretchered, waiting for MO
7.35 pm First CATSCAN, show initial bleeding in brain, initial size 3cm
8.00 pm (?) Dr Khan relieve drain and EVD tubin, lost consciousness
9.35 pm Angiogram showing more detailed aneurysm
11.30 pm CATSCAN showed extensive hemorrhage up to 6.5 cm span deep brain
12.35 am Neurosurgeon back off pupil dilation state
12.55 am Response to thiopentone, brain calmer
1.30 am Major surgery to remove hemorrhage.

A much more pleasant memory...

Marriage on 31 Jan 1981 2 pm Pres House Madison Wisconsin
Presiding: D Wrobbel
Prelude Barry Kramer Entry Vasbys, Mrs Alice Chua
Processional - Logo ren - Wagner - CE Png, niece, nephew, Chuas
Invocation: All people that on Earth do dwell

Welcome. This is truly a time of great joy for us as well as the bride and groom. Thank you for allowing us to share this holy moment with you. We are gathered in the presence of God, family and friends to join Kian and Miranda in holy matrimony - a relationship to be entered into reverently, discreetly and in the fear of God. Who gives this bride to be wed?
To parents: Your children acknowledge your thanksgiving on your part Mr and Mrs Vasbys, Mr and Mrs Chua in molding their characters and bringing them to this important point of their lives. By God’s love you have been given children by the miracle of birth. You have greeted you children with joy and surrounded them with love. You have nurtured them love and seen them grow to maturity, knowing  that One day they will leave your home and create one of their own. With the death of the old relationship will you continue to love and support them in their new life?
Scripture reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1-81-8, 9:9, Prov 19:14, Gen 2:22-24, Phil 4:8, Eph 5:21-33

Meditation: Kian and Miranda, when you met you knew so little of what you have come to know about one another. There have been many experiences that have brought you to this place. Times of beginning interest, stress, loneliness, distances -- the life together you will now pursue will continue this same pattern with growing intensity. Your highs will be higher and times of separation even lonelier. Everything in your present life builds upon your past. As you learn to communicate, to restore broken fellowship, to experience each other's interests you will find yourselves growing more deeply together.
I hope you can see some parallels to your Christian life here. Your first knowledge of Jesus Christ may also have been rather limited but you have come to know Him who St. Paul tells us "gave Himself up for us that He might sanctify and cleanse us so that He might present us to Himself as a pure bride..." In this portion of scripture Paul talks of Christ's love for the church and of a husband's love for his wife in the same terms. At times it is difficult to separate the two ideas.
There are countless parallels between your relationship to one another and your relationship with Christ. You desire a Christian marriage - and the model for that is God's intention of loving service pictured for us in our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Paul says that the husband is the head of the woman as Christ is the Head of the Church - and immediately illustrates that Headship by reminding us that Jesus gave Himself on the cross to win life for His bride.
Miranda, this same passage says, " Wives be subject to your husbands." But do not look at a different model than Kian does here. But it is Jesus Who though equal to the Father, humbles Himself and becomes obedient to the will of the Father, that is your model.
You begin your Christian marriage with much to look forward to. Times of growth and enrichment, learning more of each other, new ways to please and enjoy one another. Be assured that marriage, your marriage, is a very great concern of God. He planned for marriage in the very beginning as the creation scriptures remind us. Jesus honored marriage throughout His earthly ministry. And all history moves toward its great point of Communion with the Son in the Marriage as the Feast of the Lamb. Through your marriage you will be helped by one another to walk humbly with your God. As you grow in your knowledge of Him, you will be able to enrich your knowledge of one another. As you experience God's unconditional gracious acceptance, you will be able to give that to each other. Your loving service of one another will equip you for deeper care of those around you. As you establish your home on God's sure promises in Jesus Christ, you will be enabled to give true hospitality to those in your world who sense no real place to call home.
Throughout the periods of history there have been many obstacles to marriage being carried out in the way God intended. Our time is no different. However these obstacles are viewed in the Word as opportunities to experience and show forth the Love and Life of God in our surroundings.
The overwhelming picture Jesus gives to you both is a life of love - love to God to each other, and to those who touch your lives. As Christians you will need:
1. a love that is sacrificial, not possessive
2. a love that is purifying, not contaminating
3. a love that is caring, not passive
4. a love that is invincible - regarding commitment
5. a love worked out in the Lord Jesus Christ
God now calls you Kian and Miranda to one another - to marriage. Enjoy this calling. Let your home be centered in Jesus Christ. let the name of Jesus Christ be freely named there.
And may God's rich and abundant blessing be upon you both on this day forward.       AMEN

Marriage vows:
Kian and Miranda have invited us to celebrate this most joyous occasion with them. They also ask us to enter into the high responsibilities with them. The will now exchange sacred vows which are important both to them personally and to us publicly for they now enter our community as a married couple.
Will you live with him/her according to God's will? Will you love and comfort him/her, share with her/him your thoughts and feelings in times of your joys and trials, as long as you both shall live?

Congregational Response:
With joy we identify with you this high moment of commitment and covenant. The vows you have taken compel us to weigh the purity of love  and to strengthen the relationships of our homes. We pledge that as you follow Christ, we will join you in apprehend Him as our True Life, and in serving Him by our love.
We offer our prayers that your lives may become increasingly rich in understanding, in common royalties and in useful vocation. We thank God for the home you will now establish and anticipate its strength, influence and support of the church in its mission.     (exchange of rings)

Father, set apart and guard this union which your servants confirm before you with the giving and receiving of the rings... (hymn: O perfect love all human thought transcending..)

Pastoral Prayer:
Our God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who has now made this man and woman one - give them strength to be faithful and to grow in mutual affection. Sustain them in all trials and temptation. Enable them so to live in fellowship with You and your Church and in love with each other , that they may always enjoy You and glorify You through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Thank you for parents, Christian community, pastoral leading, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.   AMEN

Kian and Miranda have been united by the Grace of God, and have made their vows before us all. Therefore ministering in Christ's Name, I declare them to be husband and wife. Your promises are supported by God's faithfulness. From  the beginning God made them male and female. "For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wif, and the two shall become one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man divide, in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.       AMEN
Hymn: Love Divine, XXX  Benediction, Presentation, Recessional, Dispersal, Reception

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Hucky         1986 - 2005
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  1. These CT scans and angio-grams are taken through a cellphone camera. The head is facing upwards.

  2. Hi Kian,

    I spoke to Dr PL Ong, who is from my church. He's one of the neurosurgeons there. Said that first of all, Miranda survived this, which is itself a miracle. Will continue to pray for Miranda during my time slot for God's healing power on her. The Nepal team are all praying for her. They are all very concerned and send their heartfelt regards to you. Eng Keow