Saturday, 5 May 2018

"She's Gone Ahead"

Forty one years ago a 27 years young man met a 28 young lady on a tennis court. It was a potent match. The friendship never started until more than a year later. So in 1977 I thought "well, she's gone emigrated to Canada and I'll never catch up." I continued to live my single life searching for purpose and direction alone. I was wrong then. By a determination to see the other half of the world I caught up. It was only coincidental that I pursued a tertiary degree in a State separated from her by Lake Michigan. Thinking back it seems funny - I didn't really have to chase her, just being nearer to where she was. When we finally linked up in 1979 she had gone one step further in life - her PhD - a huge life goal that now, looking back, seems insignificant. But I told myself again then - had to catch up. So I did, again. Then 30 years of marriage began with her returning home in 1981, leaving me behind. Catch up! So I did, returning 1983. Then she started a distinguished career. It started small, the research unit part-time while still lecturing full-time in 1986. She quickly overtook my research budget. Soaring ahead we had such wonderful experiences together, traveling, boating, climbing and laughing. But I was trying hard catching up with her social, physical and professional life. Then she eclipsed me. All I can say now is "She's gone ahead". See you again?? when I catch up - whenever and however that will be.

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