Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Four Years Hence

                                           "There are no U-turns in the highway of life."

The surgeon remarked that nobody in their right mind should expect a comatose to suddenly wake up and walk after 2 years. But I take heart in the word "suddenly". So we should be thankful that she did gain some wakefulness since then. I sometimes ask myself: What if I'm the one sick and she's taking care of me? She would be still traveling the world for BTI. Her question would be "Now what can I do with Kian?"  But my question for these past four years is "What can I do without her?"

4 Sep 12 noon: Chest still congested - her breathing harder due to weakened lungs as a  result of catching that flu bug.

7 Sep 9 am: Losing control of her better right eye. Amazing the effects of seemingly harmless flu infection on a sick person. Hope she gets better

15 Sep 9 pm: She did get better, except for the croupy cough. However spasms has now reached her arms (good sign?). Her arms were the least progressive to recover. Then the lazy eye - like a bedraggled doll with a disconnected right eye.

23 Sep 12.30 pm: Her throat irritation persists - probably the haze effect, even in the air-con.
Did anyone see it coming ? (Photo credits to MGS annual reunion group)



1 Oct 10 am: The groans have returned but the haze still a problem for the throat. She's chugging along.

10 Oct 10 am: Breathing still laborious but there're other problems such as blood circulation. Humans are not meant to sit all day.

13 Oct 3 pm: Since she caught the flu months ago her signs have regressed. Eyes have been mostly closed and legs were no more active. Surgeon said it's the usual atrophy of stroke.

14 Oct 8.45 am: Miranda has gone home.
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End of blog. <Pillar restored>


A most gentle soul, generous and kind to a fault, always so sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, brilliant and sharp. And her persuasive convictions belie her gentleness. I am so privileged, often undeserved,  to share her 33 years of life.

Thoughts from all your condolences and messages

As her absence lingers on with a heavy empty void, words of your condolences hit home - that even though her journey to death seems like a failure, now it has all been worthwhile. To endure the dark days of her survival and restoration - the almost horrendous first few hours of hemorrhage, the long dreary nights and days of alleviating her discomfort and coaxing her back to the world while watching her tremendous assets slide downhill gives me an impetus to continue living. When all this wake is over let it remain as a treasure our remembrance of Miranda's legacy never to give up whatever dreams yet unfulfilled - be it personal, for Singapore or for society as a whole.

Above all, with compassion, startling kindness and generosity. The human qualities that endear Miranda to all. She's been an example to me ever since I knew her. Keep the flame burning...